La Libanaise des Jeux branding (2012) - MFA Final Project
Libanjeux: A license to dream
"La Libanaise des Jeux" is the only operator of lottery games in Lebanon. In 2002 they relaunched the Lebanese lotto and was met with overwhelming success, and they also introduced a wide range of scratch games. The problem is that people only know the Loto. "La Libanaise des jeux" focused all their marketing and promotional efforts on the Loto and neglected the scratch cards and "Yanassib". Their identity is invisible, they only advertise their products and people know the sub-brands without knowing that they belong to "La Libanaise des jeux".
"La Libanaise des jeux" will be changed to: "Libanjeux".
It is shorter, simpler and easier to pronounce. By using Libanjeux, we will avoid the abbreviation LLDJ, used in the website and other applications.

Values: Integrity, transparency and creativity
Attributes: Optimistic, ethical, funny
Tone of voice: Positive, amusing, celebrative, honest

New position: By providing exciting and engaging lottery games, Libanjeux spreads hope, fun, and positive vibes all around

Signature: "Tkhayal!"

Special packages - New Year
Special packages - Ramadan
Special packages - Valentine’s day
Libanjeux campaign "Imagine"

Loto campaign
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