Rabea | ALJ (2016) - Leo Burnett Jeddah
Rabea tea, the true taste of ALJ
Tea is the most popular beverage of ALJ (the Saudi football league) with a stunning 82% consumption and the majority prefer Rabea tea. It is well known that tea is the common beverage among all Saudi fans.
When it comes to football, everything is constantly changing, the referees, the stadiums, the players… Except the Rabea tea cup, as the game will lose its flavour without it. Rabea tea is simply the true taste of the Saudi football league.
Custom made font created for this campaign inspired by fans face paint.
Creative director: Feras Shoujah
Senior art director: Joseph Abi Saab
Senior Copywriter: Mohammed Sehly
Photography: Leap Studios
​​​​​​​Leo Burnett Jeddah 2016
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