"Waxhead" brand creation (2011) - MFA Project
Waxhead surfboards & waxhead foundation
waxhead: Old term for a keen surfer. It comes from the 1960s when boards were heavy solid wood and were carried balanced on the head, wax-side down, getting wax in the surfers hair.

Brand description:
Waxhead surfboards: Surfboard design has always been a very personal thing. Professional surfers work closely with shapers, as each surfer rides waves differently, and they know better than anyone how their surfboard needs to perform. This relationship between the surfer and his board was recently weakened due to the commercialization of the sport, large retails and online shopping. Waxhead believes in this personal relationship and its ability to bring out the best of the surfer’s power and allows clients to design their own boards and clothes.
Waxhead foundation: Mother Nature provides waves to surf, and peace of mind but how do surfers return the favor? The foundation helps surfers and activists to actively preserve our beaches and, in the process, improve the surfing experience.

Today, the lebanese youths are living in permanent stress and anxiety about the future. Life in the concrete jungle is becoming stressful and left us removed from nature and where we evolved from. Surfing will let us enjoy the freedom of the ocean and escape.

Brand positioning:
waxhead is The modern surfing brand that helps you design custom surfboards and related items specifically for you and your needs.

Waxhead: A surreal escape at your reach.
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